Calibration and Recalibration Services
IMS offers a calibration service in which temperature sensors and dataloggers can be calibrated, and delivered with an N.I.S.T. traceable certificate.  IMS calibration services provide one, two and three-point certificates.  If EDX sensors or dataloggers are purchased from IMS, certificates can be ordered at the time of the purchase.

Some industries, and companies, require that their temperature sensors be recalibrated at regular intervals, e.g., once per year.  To facilitate the recalibration process, IMS offers a program in which a customer can forward their sensors, and dataloggers for recalibration.  At the time of recalibration, IMS can also provide replacement dataloggers to collect temperature profiles during the time in which the sensors or returned dataloggers are not available.  At the completion of the calibration cycle, the temporary dataloggers are returned to IMS, which will download and return the temperature profiles, in an electronic format, for the calibration period to ensure a complete temperature profile is maintained through the recalibration period.

As part of the recalibration process, IMS also offers a battery replacement program, for devices in which the battery can be replaced, and are found to be low or discharged.

For further information about our calibration and recalibration services, please contact IMS.