Data centers
40% of a Data center’s ongoing costs can be related to power consumption.  Coupled with temperature and humidity issues that can affect premature hardware failures, Data center operations and costs can be highly susceptible to environmental issues, if not properly maintained.

IMS has designed the DC-3 solution around the unique needs of data centers.  Providing a unique dashboard and monitoring capabilities, Data center managers can monitor the three ‘key’ environmental considerations of most concern to them.

The DC-3 solution can be used to monitor power consumption, temperature and humidity.Trending historical information can help support data center planning, consolidation and virtualization.The DC-3 information can also be used to undertake operational planning, such as when to run routine jobs to minimize power related costs.

In addition to the DC-3 solution, IMS can provide a number of related services, such as the temperature mapping to determine localized heating and cooling issues, as well as power mapping studies to identify particular power consumption issues.

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